Automated Technologies for Safe, Ecological Energy Production

Hydroelectric power plants have many unique and high risk considerations from both an ecological and plant control perspective. enCompass Solutions Group has the knowledge and experience to manage these concerns, while simultaneously maximizing up time and improving automation.

enCompass Solutions Group  has completed a wide range of energy projects involving complete site control system upgrades and a wide variety of system improvement projects. Each project has been implemented on schedule and in a manner that mitigates the inherent risks. The energy sector is growing rapidly and we have been able to meet the demands of our customers from both a project and support perspective.

Cost-Saving Automation for Energy Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Modern Energy plant automation systems include flexible control systems and solid communication capabilities with peripheral automation components. We provide complete solutions and services for automated systems in energy production, from the control centers, to substations, to field instrumentation. Our expertise includes in-depth IT support for trouble-free network operation that ensures integrated energy automation. Our projects in this sector have included planning and commissioning of plant automation, to the day-to-day operational support and maintenance.

Our Energy sector solutions include:

•    Substation automation, control, data acquisition, and monitoring systems
•    Distribution and Control Center automation
•    Power Management Monitoring, Process Visualizations and Reporting solutions