Food & Beverage

Peak Productivity, Strict Compliance & Reduced Costs

EnCompass Solutions Group has a wide range of experience in the food and beverage industry integrating OEM solutions and developing unique process design from the ground up. We have worked with multinational companies to build solutions that meet the needs of the local product and workforce, while maintaining corporate and site standards. Our experience includes food manufacturing and processing plants, packaging/labeling and distribution centers, animal processing, and animal feed manufacturing systems. We understand the specific regulatory issues faced by food and beverage manufacturers, and the need for Good Traceability Practice built into industrial automation systems. Your industry requires a wide range of knowledge and adherence to standards that EnCompass Solutions Group , with its experienced and knowledgeable personnel, is well suited for.
Bring our Food & Beverage Manufacturing Expertise Onboard

Our team includes experts in creating product traceability solutions that can track raw materials, work in process, and finished products. We can work with your manufacturing and engineering teams to implement provide automated solutions with a material tracking plan that includes any coding schema you use, or, we can help create one. Food and beverage automation systems must allow for backward tracing and real-time knowledge of product within any process. In addition, these operations require compliance with the stringent standards of their industry, whether for human or animal consumption.

We have broad capabilities in food, beverage, and animal feed product automation, including:

  • Simple Process control systems
  • Customized network and SCADA solutions
  • Monitoring, reporting and documentation systems
  • Product identification systems: OCR, barcode tracking, alphanumerical and bar codes, and radio frequency identification devices (RFID)
  • Custom labeling, barcode and printing application, and laser marking systems
  • Equipment upgrading and retrofitting, retorts, conveyors, lift equipment, etc.

We can provide custom automation design and programming that will enhance your current manufacturing process or overhaul your existing operation site with new or upgraded equipment and real-time control and SCADA systems. In addition, we can provide monitoring and reporting systems to ensure your decision makers have the data to manage operations with full confidence of compliance with stringent international guidelines and standards.

Proven Results in Feed Manufacturing

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