Cost-saving, Supported Forestry Technology Automation

The forestry industry is uniquely challenging in that it requires complex and optimized control systems that are also cost effective. enCompass Solutions GroupĀ  is an industry leader in developing motion solutions that improve the speed and precision of log and wood products movement. From complete site retrofits to process optimization, enCompass Solutions Group services dozens of mills in long-term support partnerships.

enCompass Solutions Group has the resources to provide around the clock support to minimize downtime as well as managing projects to deliver them on time and within budget. We have worked closely with industry giants in the wood products industry for over a decade and proven our ability to maximize throughput with existing equipment and provide long-term upgrade paths that help our customers stay competitive.

In providing our Forestry customers with the newest technologies available for their complex, often high risk operations, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner in that industry. The results of our partnerships are on-time and on-budget automation projects that increase productivity with innovative and scalable automation solutions. Our forestry automation projects have typically marked the beginning of a long-term relationship wherein we are able to add operational continuity and carry site-specific knowledge forward from project to project.

Bring our Forestry Automation Expertise Onboard.