Automated Mining Technology for Safer Sites & Increased Uptime

A mine automation solution requires the flawless delivery and dedication to personnel and plant safety that EnCompass Solutions Group  is known for. From aggregates to mines with complex chemical processes, we have worked on a wide variety of sites providing project and support needs. We can provide a range of services — from PLC and DCS work to electrical

upgrades and instrumentation—that will reduce the need for expensive machinery and a large labor force. We have extensive experience in creating systems that improve up time by increasing automation in nearly every type of work environment. Our preventive maintenance, real-time monitoring, customized reporting for surface and underground excavation operations have improved efficiencies, increased site safety, and reduced downtime.

Our Mining Automation capabilities include:

  • Transport systems: elevators, conveyors, cranes
  • Automation or semi-automation of crushing/grinding equipment
  • Real-time monitoring of payload data for inventory tracking systems such as RFID tags
  • Integration with existing ERP and data management systems
  • Automated ventilation systems, variable speed fans and louvers