Complete Site Automation

Comprehensive Automation Capabilities & Reliable Support

We deliver a complete solution. Our customers appreciate the supportive and beneficial relationship we foster through the project life cycle. Our competencies are broad and earned in live industrial applications, communication is at the core of our methods. We partner with you so that your goals become ours. We acclimatize quickly, respect your corporate culture, and understand the business challenges unique to your industry.

Site Automation that is Customized & ROI-Driven

For complete site automation projects, we will work with you to create a clear and realistic process chart that maps out and documents your current and future operational needs. We use this to determine where you can see the greatest ROI from automation. No two sites are the same, the goals and planning will be customized to meet your budget so your facility can have a world class automation system.

Understanding your Automation Needs is our Business

The reality is that automation processes work differently in every environment. Critical factors – outside your basic production or process goals – include (but are not limited to) your personnel’s tolerance of change, managerial buy-in, operational idiosyncrasies like seasonal effects, etc. Once we’ve mapped your environment and its readiness for automation, we begin the design process for automating those areas from which you will derive the greatest benefit, in the least amount of time.

Our expertise in Industrial Automation has proven results. We provide the following solutions:

  • The use of standardized, “industry best” automation products that are available locally.
  • Automation designs that can be operated and maintained easily and safely.
  • Systems which utilize the best alarming and notification techniques to allow maintenance personnel to respond quickly and drastically reduce downtime and/or loss.
  • Seamless, cost-effective ERP integration for all major systems.
  • Compliance with any regulatory commission. i.e. disaster recovery, security or data integrity.
  • Open architecture HMI’s, databases, and automation controllers that meet and exceed any existing site standards.