Industrial IT

For your plant to be productive, your operations must be available, reliable, secure and fully supported. While automation increases quality almost universally when it’s applied, it has made industry dependent upon IT infrastructure.   We will support / create a data center that will not only house state -of -the -art industrial systems, but also reduce the risks of IT-related downtime.

  • Ethernet: Network design, certification, installation, deployment and support
  • Server Support: Domain management, Automation servers, Historians, HMI and database
  • Virtualization: Disaster Recovery and Backup: Planning and executing DRP plans, Existing DRP auditing, Real-time monitoring

With over a decade of solving industrial IT problems in high-risk and mission-critical applications, we’ve got the skills to connect your front-line equipment to your office business intelligence.

Industrial Data Services

Control data is no longer hidden in the PLC. In a modern plant, control data must be available to decision makers in real time. enCompass can bring your control system data to any device and in a human readable format that is customized to your requirements.  These capabilities turn data into insight, and insight into business decisions that reduce risks and support growth.