Programmable Logic Controllers

We are experts in programming for all major PLC. Over the last decade we’ve developed intimate application knowledge in many industries; this knowledge allows us to offer expertise in PLC based solutions for municipal application, material handling, run-of-the-river power plants, hoist, and positioning systems.

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

The current trend in automation and control system design is to save costs by eliminating unnecessary components and replacing them with well-integrated HMI and PLC architecture. We design Human Machine Interface and PLC combinations that are lean, efficient and easy-to-use. Our HMIs save time in your operations with intuitive GUI design, remote accessibility, simple administration, and configuration that meets your needs.

Data Collection and Reporting

Process data historians have become critical to create efficient, data-driven utility and manufacturing operations. Our data collection and reporting solutions are simple, data rich and secure.

Our capabilities in data historization can provide decision makers with analysis tools that give fast access to data allowing for fact based real time decisions.

Graphical / Mobile Operator Interface

What used to be “nice to have” in industrial automation is now “need to have”; online access to industrial information and process details. Control systems are no longer simply field push buttons and lights; they are real time, available anywhere portals into the factory. These days’ operators can be provided with details that will keep a site running. They are no longer looking at flashing alarm lights, they are reading real text with millisecond time accuracy to determine what is happening on site. This information can be delivered with real time metrics to a mobile device where the operator can see what’s happening without being tied to their post.

Back-End Systems

We design, develop and implement databases. These databases can stand alone, interface with your web sites, link to ERP systems and most importantly – connect to your control system. A control system that is tightly integrated with an ERP system will provide an organization with real time information. This bi-directional real time information will provide a competitive advantage to any production facility.