Sustainability is a difficult challenge for all the industries we serve. Much of our work covers the extraction and exploitation of natural resources. Rather than use this page to try to position our services as a green solution provider, we prefer to honestly disclose how we define sustainability as a company, and our approach to it.

What does sustainability mean? All us have children, want children or were children and we know that future generations will be affected by choices we make today in resource management. So, how does this knowledge affect our approach to sustainability?

We believe that change is best effected from within industry. An example can be found in our Success Story: “Successful Integration of a Pioneering Hybrid Power System in Rubber-tire Gantry Cranes for 74% Fuel Savings & Reduced Environmental Impact.” This story is an example of how automation not only increases production, quality and site safety, it reduces energy consumption.

What we do is improve processes. It’s been our experience that any machine-mediated process that is more efficient (faster, better) uses less energy to achieve the same (and often superior) goal.

We don’t have “save energy” in our mission statement and there’s nothing about “reducing emissions” in our company-wide vision, but it doesn’t need to be; because efficiency and accomplishing more with less is at the core of automation. Everything we do involves achieving more with less energy by improving efficiency..

Like many modern corporate environments, we recycle, use leading HVAC technology, and encourage awareness of energy use.