Centre of Excellence

Designed to Showcase our Commitment and Technical Expertise.

Throughout the year, our teams of engineers, technicians and field personnel travel the globe to develop their skills and abilities in enCompass Solutions Group’s product and service offerings. This includes Rockwell Automation training in Florida, California; ABB Drive Service training in Wisconsin; and indurad and Yardeye training a development throughout Germany and North America. We want to share this learning with to you. It is available, whether at our facility or at your site. 


Applying Leading-Edge Learning

Our teams bring their leading-edge learning home to the enCompass Solutions Group Centre of Excellence where we showcase our commitment to and technical expertise with the Partner products and solutions we supply and integrate. 

Come visit the enCompass Solutions Group COE to experience the leading edge of automation or have us out to your facility where we may train your technical staff on the latest product and system developments in the industry.

Experience What is Possible

at the enCompass Solutions Group Centre of Excellence


Here we host clients and take them on a tour through what is possible when they leverage enCompass Solution Groups innovative and collaborative approach to power, automation and collision avoidance solutions.

We want to collaborate on your next automation project; let us earn your trust and your business and show you what is possible in taking your operation to the next level of automation.

The Centre consists of a dedicated space where we build, test and deliver everything from project related industrial drive systems panels, electrical enclosures and MCCs, along with automation sensor packages using the latest in industrial radar technologies.