enCompass Solutions Group was founded in 2003 by three dedicated and experienced automation professionals. Since inception the company has grown into a team of forty-five skilled Engineers, Technologists, Technicians and Tradesman. Our services include:

      • Industrial IT
      • Control System Programming
      • Engineering Services
      • Electrical Drive System Design
      • Complete Site Automation
      • Industrial Electrical Services

Vision Statement

We deliver precision-engineered automation solutions to the industrial sector. Our extensive knowledge of controls and commercial IT allows us to provide our customers with high availability at an affordable cost. We use emerging knowledge and technologies to provide “shop floor–to–top floor” solutions for demanding industrial applications. We enable our customers to reduce costs with scalable and redundant automation solutions. Our customers become our partners and their success—in productivity, profitability, and operational efficiencies— is our goal.

Mission Statement

We provide our customers with the technical expertise needed to evaluate the potential of automation in their operations, and then realize it. We help our customers create a road map of their future needs that gives a clear outline of how to create the infrastructure required by today’s industrial automation solutions. Applying our in-depth knowledge of industrial IT programming, engineering electrical drive system design, and large-scale site automation to every project allows us to help our customers achieve their goals.