VFD System Design & Commissioning

Variable Frequency Drive System Design & Deployment

Behind every major industrial automated system, you will find the variable frequency drive. As a certified ABB Drive Service Provider and a Recognized Systems Integrator for Rockwell Automation Power Division, enCompass is very well positioned to make your project a success. As production requirements increase to meet growing demands, so does the demand on the system.


Design, install, and service on complex ACS 880 or DC drive systems.

We also upgrade and modernize existing drive systems to provide superior performance and energy efficiency that will net savings and ROI for many years post-deployment. 

enCompass is an expert at designing, creating, deploying and repairing drive system technologies.

From safety-critical applications such as hoist systems to Servo drives and motion control, to numerous other high-performance applications, we offer reliable systems that will bring state-of-the-art technology to your operations.


Medium Voltage & Low Voltage Drives

• Hoisting applications
• Regenerative (4 quadrant) drive systems
• DC drive systems
• Medium Voltage systems
• Servo drives and motion control
• Sectional drive system for web handling applications

Bring our Drive System Expertise Onboard.


Service Level Agreements

Our drive system installation and retrofitting projects can be fully supported after completion with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that include:

• 24/7/365 technical support, remote and on-site
• Monitoring & reporting, customized and scheduled
• Emergency control replacement
• Comprehensive application and engineering support
• Factory-certified dynamic performance testing available with every job
• On-site and in-house training programs
• Rockwell drive line up