Rail & Marine System Automation

Shiploader Automation. Railcar Dumpers & Feeders.

Experience. Automation. enCompass Solutions Group bring Rail and Marine facilities to the leading edge of automation and safety technology with power efficient and innovative solutions. 

Movement, storage, and loading of bulk materials onto ships, trains, and onsite storage facilities. enCompass has the knowledge and expertise to implement a world class solution to any rail and marine facility.


Smart Material Handling

Past projects have seen enCompass implement automation to both rotary style bulk railcar dumpers as well as bottom unloading capstan railcars to streamline the flow of product through facilities.  

In addition, enCompass has designed and overseen the commissioning of automation additions to shiploaders to allow for unmanned loading and movements, while permitting site personal to execute their custom loading plans and site-specific storage methods for materials.

All of this includes a safety driven design process to make sure the movement of coal, Sulphur, Potash, Grain and other materials never compromises the people that are part of the day in and day out activities at these Rail and Marine Facilities.

Automated solutions for handling rail operations are key to reducing labour costs while optimizing operations.


Railway automation solutions

For railway operations, enCompass Solutions Group has extensive experience with track, tunnel and bridge automation solutions with some of the largest systems in North America.

We are confident in our ability to provide a system that is safe and reliable regardless of the project complexity.

Railway Automation solutions capabilities include:

• Train Movement control & track detection/frequency track circuit systems
• Signaling systems, point machine (switch) systems
• Train Protection, track to train communication systems
• Crossing systems, gates, swing bridges

Electric buses and rapid rail transit systems

A cornerstone of most cities’ sustainability initiatives. enCompass Solutions Group has substantial experience engineering automated recharging stations for bus backup batteries that help decrease maintenance time while improving battery life.

An easy to use operator interface with both pre-configured charge and conditioning cycles simplifies battery maintenance.


Modernization and retrofitting train track and tunnel equipment

For urban rail systems, we offer automation solutions for modernization and retrofitting of equipment, and the testing and validation of rail systems. 

Our expertise in industrial retrofitting, control panel building, and programmable control systems allows us to provide solutions for propulsion and control equipment for trains, as well as state-of-the-art rail control and signaling systems.