Commitment To Safety

“Everyone Goes Home After Their Shift”

The enCompass Solutions Group’s Electrical and Engineering teams are motivated by a deep commitment to safety. We have an extensive safety and training program and every person within our organization is required to participate in. This includes, all aspects of industrial safety such as confined space, fall protection, first aid, aerial work platform training. We spare no expense protecting people and property in all we do.


Certified and Driven by Safety

We are a member of the ISNetworld group which certifies us as a safe company to work in high risk locations. We have a “GREEN” status from ISN to work in the oil and gas industry, transportation, and other high-risk industries. In addition to ISNetworld, we are also PICS safety certified, ComplyWorks certified and COR certified.

Every team member was handpicked for their ability to adhere to standards that exceed the most stringent safety regulations. In addition, dedicated oversight is built into our work procedures. Most of our work is highly technical, often complicated, and typically in safety-sensitive environments, we demand a high degree of respect for our procedures designed to ensure that every employee –ours and yours—goes home after their shift.

It has been our experience that both our team members, and the stakeholders we partner with, appreciate the opportunity to work to the highest standards of safety in all situations. Our team has a broad background and is very aware of the unnecessary costs associated with unsafe work.

Carefully planned and instituted protocols for working with electricity and industrial machinery ensure that risk is minimized for all work performed and result in more successful project implementation. This is how we stand behind our solutions: commitment to safety produces high quality work.

Over the years we are proud to have a stellar record in terms of accidents (or lack thereof) and excellent feedback from auditors and regulators. We have strived to increase safety awareness with every customer.