Container Terminal Automation

Full Terminal Automation Projects

We have proven ourselves in some of the world’s largest container terminals with our container terminal automation technology. The high profile and high-risk operation of container cranes demands a high degree of experience that guarantees a flawless integration of automation and drive systems.

With decades of terminal-specific knowledge in creating innovative solutions for container terminal systems, we bring expert capabilities in both control and drive system design for container cranes and other terminal equipment. From RTGs, bulk handling cranes, container reader/recorders, to hybridization and retrofitting of cranes to diesel electric power, enCompass can create control systems for all handling equipment.


Advanced Human-Machine Interaction in Automated Environments

From basic drive and control systems to fully automated, remotely operated crane systems, enCompass ensures high availability systems, reduced operation costs, and safer terminal operations.

Our team executes complete electrical and control retrofits, various upgrade projects, and continuous support. We have worked on nearly every facet of equipment operation that exists in a container terminal. We have the work history required to properly service your every automation need in the unique application of a container crane.

Award-winning Automation Design for Crane Hybridization DSGC upgrade and our ground- breaking work in RTG hybridization: “Successful Integration of a Pioneering Hybrid Power System in Rubber-tire Gantry Cranes for 74% Fuel Savings & Reduced Environmental Impact.”


Yardeye’s revolutionary intermodal solution

Yardeye’s soultion for safe and efficient interaction between humans and automated equipment puts enCompass Solutions on the leading edge of container terminal and intermodal facility automation. Yardeye focuses on the intermodal industry. Digitalization and automation are the key drivers in the intermodal industry, where humans and machines are in symbiosis. Safety and productivity go together. Yardeye is a major piece of the puzzle for state-of-the-art intermodal yards.

24/7/365 Support

We provide 24/7/365 support, remote and onsite, and are experienced in working with multiple terminal stakeholders.

We earn the respect of managerial and unionized employees because we bring the highest safety standards and respectful communications to their work environments. 

These skills have allowed us to show proven results in complex container handling sites, in projects that included providing electrical installations, automation and data management solutions, crane retrofits, conveyor systems, and pioneering work in RTG hybridization.

If you require broad experience in rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMG), rubber-tired gantry cranes (RTG), and dockside gantry cranes, enCompass’ container systems experts will provide engineering and design services that exceed your highest expectations.

Container Terminal System Solutions include:

• Pre-tested complete control systems
• Systems available with plug-and-play components to facilitate quick and easy installation
• Custom solutions designed to meet your exact specifications
• All container site systems are backed with:
• 24/7/365 technical support, remote and on-site
• Emergency control replacement
• Field start-up service available
• Complete application and engineering support
• Factory-certified dynamic performance testing available with every job
• On-site and in-house training programs

Solutions Beyond Most. Strategic Initiatives Realized.

With enCompass Solutions Group managing your terminal systems projects, you have the full assurance that your automated crane systems and terminal equipment will deploy flawlessly, on your timeline, and fully functional. Our terminal customers tell us that our automation, programming, and service level agreements have increased terminal productivity and safety and decreased operational costs.

Beyond what most providers of container terminal automation systems can provide, enCompass Solutions can also manage data base integration, programming, HMI and fiber optic communications that ensure your terminal automation systems are supported by a modern, rugged and reliable network backbone.