Automated Materials Handling System

Automated Heavy Material Handling

enCompass understands what it takes to perform successful project on the waterfront. Our electrical engineering qualification and bulk material handling expertise includes power system design in conveyor systems, stacker designs, and continuous ship unloaders. If you require broad experience in safety and process interlocks and alarms, enCompass’ bulk materials handling experts will exceed your highest expectations.

We have provided complete electrical, automation and data solutions ports all along the western seaboard in the form of brownfield retrofits and greenfield installations.


Bulk Handling Conveyor Terminals, Our Largest Market Segment.

enCompass works daily on the waterfront in North America. From materials such as sulfur and potash to food grade grains, we provide automated handling solutions that meets the specific requirements of the product, while maintaining the highest engineering standards.

Within your existing materials handling applications, we will map out your current design process and re-engineer it to optimize throughput, maintaining industry-best quality control from process conception to completion.

In addition to creating and repairing materials handling systems, we build-in the kind of efficiency that improves your site’s production. We look very critically at how many times an item is handled; seeking to minimize opportunities for error or inefficiency. Leverage our expertise with conveyors, bucket elevators, carousels, palletizers, tapers, case erectors, and stretch wrappers to minimize steps and maximize the capabilities of your equipment and personnel.

24/7/365 Site Support, Project-Based Engineering, Reducing Downtime While Increasing Production. 

We Will Optimize Material Handling in Your Unique Environment

—from automation improvement to electrical upgrades— enCompass guarantees increased ROI in bulk material handling applications.